Last December, we polled 2,000 American consumers to see what they felt about banks, and their ability to prevent another scandal like LIBOR. We found then that only 13% felt that the banks had systems in place to be able to do this. In the wake of the post-FX fixing fines, we thought it would […]

Buoyed by the interest in our Siri poll, we decided to run a survey more relevant to our core market. We believe that with an investment of under $10 per trader per working day, banks and other financial institutions can greatly enhance their monitoring and surveillance capability and therefore reduce the risk of another scandal. […]

I have just been searching for the Barclays explanation into the LIBOR events that is referenced on the BBC news site – Bizarrely it isn’t there any more, so by the magic of Google cache, I found a copy, which can be found now at UPDATE:  Now found in a new location on […]

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