Speech recognition for the AI age.



Intelligent Voice indexes key words and phrases from your telephone calls



This allows you to search for telephone calls as if they were text.



Add-on modules give you the power to analyze calls and track anomalous behavior.



Nvidia® GPU technology processes calls at up to 400x faster than real time.


How smart are yours?


Intelligent Voice® boosts the intelligence of your calls, and puts them to work for you.


MifidII & GDPR compliance nightmares? Make your fears disappear. Store & search all your voice data using the sound of voice.

Banish the Compliance Monster.

Without the ability to index and search the content of your company’s calls, the simplest inquiry from a regulator, e-discovery, or Freedom Of Information Act Request that applies to voice, can mean trouble. It can mean big, expensive, time-consuming trouble of manually wading—actually listening—through hundreds or thousands of hours of calls.

The alternative? Call Recording and Compliance software by Intelligent Voice.
With IV, you can have ready-access to all of your data, giving you the ability to pinpoint what was verbally said on a call, when, to whom, and by whom using voice indexing —as easily as searching for text. Make better use of your compliance team’s resources.

IV’s got you covered.


Bogged down by audio? Search hours of recordings with a click. IV’s e-Discovery is the key.


Imagine: agent voice call and screen data you can search—live, and post-call. IV’s got it. Get it and get ahead.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Call centers have become wizards at measuring data around calls: call and hold times, conversion and retention rates, and more. But attempts to measure the core of the call center world—the verbal content of calls—are still in baby steps. Random QA monitoring a small percentage of calls is the best technology has afforded. Until now.

Intelligent Voice for Call Centers turns what was said in every call into data that can be searched, analyzed and measured. Combine it with screen capture, and other data, to get the full picture of your business. Find and reward the true super-stars, and catch anomalous behavior before it becomes a liability—even in real time s with our “live” call monitoring.

You already record and store your calls. That’s a mountain of unused data. With IV, put your call center voice data to work for you.

Measure both: facts about each call, and what is said.


If your hot new app needs secure, private, high-speed ASR, then you need Intelligent Voice.

Let’s partner, partner.

So, you’re developing an exciting new app and you need accurate, super high-speed Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) integrated. Don’t reinvent the wheel—unless you’ve got a few extra years and loads of extra cash to invest. We’ve done it for you.

Also, think security. If you’re sending a customer’s sensitive, private data to a public API like Google or Watson, the worry becomes: are you breaching your customer’s data privacy? Are you breaking the law?

Intelligent Voice powers your ASR and speech-to-text functions using our own AWS Azure or other cloud instance. We’ve got every avenue of speech-search covered: hyperphonic, encrypted, biometric. IV model-building means your API gets even better as it’s used, and acquires the vocabulary that is unique to each client. Let our (top quality and cost-effective) technology complement yours, and let’s create something wonderful together.

Your API is better with IV.


Credit Card Data giving you problems?  Let us clean it up, automatically

Automatically redact credit card information from both the Audio and Transcript


Intelligent Voice pick up your call recording and run it through our speech to text engine. We then we run our PCI algorithm across the transcription, if we detect PCI data it is redacted in both the audio and the transcript.

We are working alongside Zendesk to allow the redacted recording and transcript to be added to the ticket. If PCI data is not detected then the transcript is added to the ticket.


Increase your Privacy with IV

Make the audible, searchable

And the invisible, visible.


Intelligent Voice® takes your company’s phone calls (+ email and IM) and turns them into smart data using “World’s Fastest” Speech to Text Engine.

High-speed ASR

Lightning-fast speech-to-text

High-speed ASR

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology is how you turn the spoken word into valuable data you can use. Intelligent Voice has developed high-speed, secure, private ASR that is not only cutting edge, but ready to plug into to your existing phone and data systems. With IV, you can quickly and easily turn what is said on the phone into data you can search, with a click of your mouse.

Live call monitoring

Catch anomalies, real-time

Live call monitoring

‘Live Call Monitoring’ no longer means you must physically sit, or pay someone to sit, and listen to one live call at a time. Human quality assurance may still have its place. But IV offers Live Call Monitoring that goes beyond, far beyond individual QA. Until now, there hasn’t been a way to perform real-time monitoring to all your company calls. Whether in a call center environment or any other, with Intelligent Voice’s Live Call Monitoring, you can be plugged into all your calls as they happen, and be alerted about anomalous behavior as it occurs.

IVNote + SmartTranscript

Search what’s said

IVNote + SmartTranscript

With each call, your IV Technology creates an HTML file, a SmartTranscript, that generates a written record of what was said. It not only transcribes and indexes the call, but is also linked to the call recording and audio player. Clicking on any of the words in the SmartTranscript allows you to JumpTo that specific part of the call, and listen for yourself. With Intelligent Voice, you can search for key terms in a specific call or in your entire archive of SmartTranscript call data.

IVNOTE is for everyone who’s ever wished they could get more out of their phone calls. IVNOTE is simple. It captures your phone calls, turns them into text, and sends the transcript and the call directly to your inbox. You can be more present in calls, be more engaged in the conversation, ask more relevant questions—if half of your attention and mental energy aren’t spent notetaking and trying to track what was said for future reference. Be there fully. Let us track the important points of what was said for you. 


Accelerates ‘learning’ & accuracy


Language is a living thing. We all have specific vocabulary that we favor—and it often changes over time. Whether it’s specific work-related terminology or evolving expressions in our personal and cultural lexicon, Intelligent Voice’s language model-building helps the technology “learn” your frequently used terms, for the most accurate transcripts possible. Also, our acoustic modeling trains the system to recognize and best adjust to different sounds, like background noise, phone and microphone setup, to best hone in on voices and clearly capture what is said.

API-based integration

Let our features enhance yours.

API-based integration

Increasingly, and especially since Siri, customers expect their apps to respond to the human voice. Intelligent Voice has what IT developers need to drive their app’s features. Partner with us to give your program interface the voice-enabled functionality your customers want. Our technology is easy to incorporate. Our team of experts is flexible, and eager to help our creation bring yours to life. Whether it’s automatic speech recognition, speech-to-text, recording, indexing, model-building, biometric, hyperphonic or encrypted voice data search—our solutions deliver industry-leading accuracy, speed, and security.

On-site or in-cloud

Choose where your data ‘lives’

On-site or in-cloud

While Intelligent Voice turns your phone calls into searchable data—you control where and how that data is stored. Whether you want the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and quick scalability of hosting your voice data in the cloud, or if you have the expertise and want the added security and control of hosting your data on site, or whether you choose to have your voice data hosted by a third party, IV accommodates. Intelligent Voice helps you find hosting for your voice data that’s right for you.

Biometric Search

Voice ID

Hyperphonic Search

Sounds and Phrases captured, instantly

Encrypted Search

Search sound, keeping the words hidden

Intelligent Voice in Action

Click on keywords and phrases generated using Intelligent Voice,
and JumpTo where it is said...

Wall Street Journal Interview With CTO Nigel Cannings

Epiq Systems talks about Intelligent Voice

Advancing Speech to Text with Intelligent Voice

Posted on Mar 16, 2018

GDPR – The Great Data Protection Rip-off

“Are you ready for GDPR?”. “GPDR, 6 steps you *must* take”. “Do you want to go to prison and never see your kids again?” As CTO of a software company, I get a variation of one of these emails every single day, and I strongly suspect I am not alone. The first thing I am […]

“Are you ready for GDPR?”. “GPDR, 6 steps you *must* take”. “Do you want to go to prison and never see your kids again?”

As CTO of a software company, I get a variation of one of these emails every single day, and I strongly suspect I am not alone. The first thing I am going to do when GDPR comes in (28th May), I’m having every single one of the companies who is spamming me thrown into jail. Or can I? What is the hype all about, and how much should you worry?

Yes it affects you. Even Americans, so read on.

GDPR, for readers outside of the EU, is the General Data Protection Regulation, which passed through the EU Parliament almost two years ago, and it is meant to harmonise, or possibly re-harmonise, data protection legislation across the EU. And, of course, it affects anyone from outside the EU who trades in EU.


The last major overhaul of data protection legislation was in 1995, under the Data Protection Directive, which sought to control how organisations used personal data, like telephone numbers, addresses etc. This meant that EU citizens were able to access what data was held on them by organisations (in the UK for a modest fee of £10), and to put in place a regulatory framework of what could be done with that data, e.g. could it be sold to third parties.

Since then, the world has changed, with the explosion of the Internet and cloud services: and here is the hidden danger of GDPR. If you are using cloud services, you need to know where your data is being held. Actually, you should always have known that, but when GDPR kicks in, the potential fines for non-compliance are huge, up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater). As The Register pointed out last year, 2016’s fines levied by the UK regulator (the Information Commissioner) would have risen 79 times.

Some companies, like Salesforce, have taken a very non-technical approach to some of their GDPR issues. Rather than ensuring that data is properly siloed and encrypted by geography, they have cut people off certain services, such as Salesforce IQ.

But what should you actually be doing to support your GDPR effort that you are not doing already?


Well, if you previously did business involving EU citizens and held their data, it was ambiguous as to whether you were affected by the EU Data Protection Directive. Well, as of May, that ambiguity goes, so if you are processing the personal data of an EU citizen, you must appoint a representative in the EU, and abide by the terms of GDPR.


It used to be easy to obfuscate your terms and conditions to obtain people’s consent to harvest and misuse their data. No more: consent must be clear and unambiguous. That has lead to some pretty interesting discussions. Twice this week, I have heard people say that data which has been obtained for “quality and training” purposes cannot be used for machine learning, because “you have to ask for specific consent for ‘machine learning’”. I think the world has gone mad. One of the ways we improve quality (and training) will be through the use of neural networks.

Hype and hysteria.

What a Difference Three Days Makes: 72 Little Hours.

If you think that there has been a data breach that is likely to “result in a risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals”, you have 72 hours to notify the breach and let your customers know. It will be interesting to see how the courts and regulators interpret this. You can see how a breach that leaks passwords is important, but what about names and addresses, data which is easy to obtain in any event?

Denial of Service Attack Access Rights

With GDPR comes new and shiny access rights. The biggest shift? You can get the personal data held on you for free, so the bar for the human DOS attack becomes much lower. What am I talking about?

Well, in my world, for example, we help people capture and monitor phone calls. Imagine if 10,000 people all at once contacted a large bank and said they had called into a call centre over a period of three weeks, two months ago.

And they want

Data Erasure

Or the “Right to be Forgotten”, another new right. You can ask any organisation to delete your data, and they must comply.

Or they want

Data Portability

The right to have all their data provided in a ‘commonly used and machine-readable format’
Sounds easy, right?

Not really.

First off, you only have a month to get the data back, or in exceptional circumstance three months (if, as the UK regulator puts it, “requests are complex or numerous”)
And then you have to identify it.

Voice is the hidden problem in any organisation. If you store it, even just voicemails, you must be able to label and retrieve it. You might think it is as easy as matching up a phone number. Not so. At any time, 5 people in my house could use the same landline. In my office, up to 25 people share the same external number. If I have a conference call, there could be all sorts of people on it. How the hell do I work out who is who? And if I Skype a telephone number? Quite often there is no Caller ID at all.

And what if 10,000 people asked the same question at the same time?

There are simple steps, obviously, like trying to capture the names and details of people who call in and store it against the voice record. In some cases that will work, but not for my conference call, or my casual enquiry to the bank (especially if I don’t want to give my name). In highly regulated environments like trading floors, every call is recorded, but at the moment, the metadata is frequently in a mess, and calls are just labelled with the name of the institution that called, or worse, nothing at all.

What I would do?

Set up a biometric database of people who call in (what people call a voiceprint). They are not fool proof, especially for authentication as the BBC demonstrated last year, by hacking HSBC, but they serve as a useful backstop to try to find people who may be trying very hard, and somewhat maliciously, not to be found.

What else?

GDPR does not end there. You need to ensure that your data storage is designed with privacy in mind, so ensuring proper access controls over data, and encrypting data at rest and in transit. People must be trained to understand the importance of data protection, and you need to have clear and defined policies in place.

Hype or not?

GDPR undoubtedly throws up new hurdles for businesses, but the real extent of that will only be found out as authorities start to enforce the regulations. Will they really use the maximum fines? And will it help? We have seen a steep rise in compliance for major banks in the wake of the massive fines levied by regulators in the wake of LIBOR, FX and other scandals. But those were multi-billion-dollar fines. The largest ever fine in the UK to date is a mere £400,000 ($560,000).


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