How Intelligent Voice® works

technology chart

Complexus for monitoring instant messaging, e-mail and voice

At the heart of the system sits our two core technologies, Complexus which extracts meaning from voice, e-mail, IM and other data, and JumpTo which enables search results to pinpoint an exact location in an audio file.

Intelligent Voice takes audio data direct from your network, enabling you to quickly index trading turret and regular phone conversations. This can be supplemented by other sources of information such as e-mail and data you have gathered from monitoring instant messaging.

You have the choice of storage. Use an existing enterprise store such as Symantec Enterprise Vault, or allow us to store the data.

Intelligent Voice comes ready to run as a hardware appliance, so that it can be set-up with the minimum of fuss. Typically, it will run in silent mode for 2-4 weeks while it assesses the quality of the voice data that passes through your system, and goes through a self-tuning and self-learning exercise to optimise results. The appliance does require internet access for update purposes.

Extra modules can be enabled remotely, allowing you to take a base configuration, and add features over time, such as Instant Translate. This feature allows you to operate in your native language, but view and retrieve results across multiple language sets.