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One of the key challenges for any security professional is tracking information as it flows through the business. Your job is to know what is being said, who it is being said to, and whether it is appropriate or not.

Telephone and Email Monitoring

We're getting better at tracking text based content; email monitoring and "Pink" filters allow us, to a degree, to cut down on pornography and other inappropriate material. That works well if we know what we are looking for, eg a list of proscribed words or phrases that can be trapped and filtered. But what about the "unknown unknowns", those things we didn't even know to look for?

Add to that a data channel that is almost never effectively monitored, the telephone. People are willing to talk about things on the phone that they would never discuss in e-mail or IM, because they believe that once it is said, it disappears into the ether. Even where telephones are recorded, it is difficult to effectively monitor what is said unless you have an army of people listening to every call.

Intelligent Voice could be what you have been looking for

More than just Email Monitoring Software

First, our software allows you to trap and monitor phone traffic. This can be plugged direct into any other monitoring system, eg text filters, to supplement existing efforts.

IV can do much more. It can monitor traffic to see what is unusual and start to give you those "unknown unknowns" in a visual form, allowing you to drill down into communications to quickly trap suspicious activity. Emotion analysis gives hotspots of negative behavior to give a head-start in any investigation.

By bringing together and indexing of all of your data, which can include e-mail, IM, access record or any other structured or unstructured data, you can start to see patterns of unusual communications, particularly those which occur with unsual counterparties such as non-work mobile phones and personal e-mail accounts.


  • Proactive media monitoring
  • Keyword and phrase search
  • Trending analysis
  • Visual Search
  • Cross-media analysis
  • Emotion tracking
  • Multi-language translation

Getting the most out of voice

Call recording quality is one of the key factors to getting the best out of any telephone call. This matters as much if you are asking humans to transcribe calls, as it does to machine-based systems. Give yourself the best shot at finding what has been said by auditing your call recording system now. Make sure that it saves each party to your call on a separate retrievable channel, to eliminate "talkover". Also, keep lossy compression to a minimum. Once you've taken the quality out, you can't get it back.

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