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Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, is a fact for any litigator. Gone are the days when discovery documents just turned up on a large truck. Today, significantly more information can arrive on one hard drive. However, the need to sift the "Smoking Gun" from that morass of information has not gone away, though.

Effective Case Management Tools

Early case management tools and specialist e-discovery platforms such as the Symatntec Clearwell platform enable litigators to provide high-speed, high quality e-discovery solutions to their clients. The most innovative have set up bureau-style operations to do exactly this. However, there is a glaring omission in their ability to grab data quickly and produce usable results.

Telephone calls provide a real headache in e-discovery on both sides of the litigation fence:

  • How do you know what you are supposed to disclose if you don't know what was said?
  • How can you perform an effective e-discovery exercise if you don't know what was said?

The same problem affects both plaintiff and defendant.

One solution is transcription of the entire telephone dataset. At $80-$100 per hour, you are beginning to look at hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Plus, you are entrusting your confidential conversations to outside agencies

What you need is Intelligent Voice

IV e-discovery platform takes phone calls, learns what is important in them, and provides the key words and phrases of what was said, to enable them to be input direct into a case management system, as if they were text.

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"Garbage in - Garbage Out": It's a common theme in the computer world, and it is especially true when dealing with voice. If a human can't understand what is being said, then neither can a computer.

Other factors that affect quality include highly compressed audio files and mono recordings and conference calls

Are your recordings litigation ready?

It's no use reaching the litigation stage, and realising that your voice recordings are unintelligible. Here are a couple questions to ask of your current voice recording infrastructure:

  • Are your recordings retrievable with a separate voice on each channel (eg stereo for a normal call)
  • Are they stored at the original quality, or are they compressed?

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