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Somewhere, in an office not far from you, someone is listening to thousands of hours of audio files. It may be connected with LIBOR, or a host of other current scandals, both public and private. They may be listening to find that "smoking gun", or they may be typing the calls out word by word.

Why can't voice search be more like text search?

We have cracked the ability to search millions of text records, but voice search is still the elephant in the room. Intelligent Voice might just be the answer to this question.

IV is not a transcription tool. IV is designed to "learn" what is important in phone conversations and to extract it to indexable, searchable phrases. That way, the system can focus on what is important to the user, rather than trying to index every "erm" and "um".

In addition, our unique JumpTo technology takes you straight to the point in a conversation where something was said. This can save hours if you are trying to pinpoint key items in multiple audio files.

IV is more than an indexing tool.

Other data points can be produced to allow access to relevant data. For example, the IV emotional analysis tool can detect negative emotion across your whole data set, including text data. Foreign language communication can be distilled out of text documents, and relevant matching English documents and voice files can be quickly identified.

Visual searching allows you to get a new perspective on your data, to move seamlessly between one document and another based on linked, relevant keywords and phrases.

Output from IV can be imported into other case management and forensic tools to enable you to take advantage of your existing investment, while adding voice and other capabilities.

Litigation Support White PaperDownload our White Paper "IV for eDiscovery"

Getting the best out of voice

Call recording quality is one of the key factors to getting the best out of any telephone call. This matters as much if you are asking humans to transcribe calls, as it does to machine-based systems. Give yourself the best shot at finding what has been said by auditing your call recording system now. Make sure that it saves each party to your call on a separate retrievable channel, to eliminate "talkover". Also, keep lossy compression to a minimum. Once you've taken the quality out, you can't get it back.

Clearwell and Enterprise Vault

IV allows you to extend the capabilities of your existing Symantec systems. Using IV, you can configure your phone system to store calls in Enterprise Vault for later retrieval.

Where you are using Clearwell as a stand-alone discovery tool, IV takes voice data and turns it into ingestible form for the Clearwell system, allowing you to search across voice as you do with e-mail and IM. Clearwell Site >

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