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to find out how Intelligent Voice can improve search in Enterprise Vault

"Enterprise Search" is the holy grail of any information manager. And what better way to achieve it than have one system that stores everything, rather than one interface that tries to find everything...

The chances are that if you have been looking for an effective way of storing e-mail and other text data, you have probably looked at or even bought Enterprise Vault. Intelligent Voice can help you get more by offering Enterprise Vault support:

Visual Search and Voice Detection

IV can take your all of your Enterprise Vault data, and present a tag cloud of linked information, unlocking search paths and connections that you did not know existed.

IV extracts important data from all of your information, whatever the source, and links it to other related information in your database. That way, you can navigate between linked items, be they e-mail, IM or - using voice detection - telephone calls, in order to gain a forensic view of your data.

Emotional analysis of data gives a unique insight into the "temperature" of different departments and groups to allow you to focus in on potential trouble spots before they boil over.

Voice Search and Storage:

You may have looked at Enterprise Vault for your e-mail needs, but Intelligent Voice allows you to capture and store telephone calls direct into Enterprise Vault, and using voice search software, makes them text searchable.

IV has an advanced capture module to take a wide variety of phone calls, including those made from turret trading system, and place them into Enterprise Vault alongside existing e-mail data. Advanced voice processing and natural language algorithms allow the system to extract key word and phrases from conversations and insert that into Enterprise Vault's search index.


  • Turret phone capture
  • Keyword and phrase search
  • Visual Search
  • Cross-media analysis
  • Emotion tracking
  • Multi-language translation
  • Direct integration with Enterprise Vault

Getting the most out of voice

Call recording quality is one of the key factors to getting the best out of any telephone call. This matters as much if you are asking humans to transcribe calls, as it does to machine-based systems. The Intelligent Voice to Enterprise Vault interface takes telephone calls in stereo and at the original recording quality.

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