Intelligent Services for Data Leakage

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Someone has just e-mailed a spreadsheet to themselves at home. Maybe they just want to look at it after work and they don't have VPN access?... Or maybe it is a client list for their next job? If itís the latter, you have a problem with data leakage.

Prevent Data Leakage with Intelligent Voice

You need to know where your data is. People are surprisingly lazy when it comes to ripping their employers off. No need to plug in a flash drive to take data off the premises. Just e-mail it.

Why is it that people do this? The answer is simple: They honestly believe that no-one checks e-mail in and out of the organisation. And they believe that because in general it is true. Monitoring employee e-mail is not practiced regularly.

We use our core data collection and analysis engine to work for you to help monitor this sort of data leakage. We can detect where e-mail has been sent to personal addresses (particularly those most likely to belong to an employee), and analyse what is in the e-mail. We then provide you with a report of the activity of what has been going on with your data.

Many e-mails to personal accounts are innocuous. Someone may be asking a friend out for a drink, or sorting out their evening meal. But if your e-mail system is being used, you need to understand what is going on.

Optionally, we can provide a "foreign language" report, which tracks any use of non-approved languages in your e-mail system. Foreign languages are often used as a simple way of escaping Compliance detection.

How it works

  • We deliver a hardware or software appliance anywhere in the world (subject to Data Protection restrictions)to monitor e-mail (and optionally other) traffic
  • The system analyses your data for an agreed period (usually a month)
  • We review the results and then present a report back to you

Can I have this ongoing?

After the initial assessment has taken place, the hardware or software appliance can be left in place to genetrate periodic reports showing the extent of data leakage in the organsisation, together with "foreign" language usage if taken as an option. E-mail us with details of your current e-mail system, the number of users and any archiving system you might use.

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