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Call recording is here to stay. And with Dodd-Frank firmly occupying the minds of many compliance officers at the moment, now is the time to think about the impact on your business not just of storing voice, but making it work for you

Call Recording and Compliance Software

Voice is treated as a silo. It sits in the corner of the data center on its own hardware, stubbornly refusing to share its data with other systems, and frequently only accessible through a proprietary interface, which allows you to search by date and caller, and not much else. Worse still, because of the historic cost of storage of large volumes of call recording data, very often the quality of calls (compressed over 10x and retrieved in mono) is shocking. If you have ever sat and listened to any volume of recorded phone calls you will understand.

These days it's not the storage cost that is the issue. It is the "findage" cost. The simplest inquiry from a regulator, and e-discovery or freedom of information request, means manually wading through hundreds or thousands of hours of calls. It is expensive, time-consuming, and not by any stretch the best use of a compliance team's resources.

But there is more, much more, that can be done with call recording if properly indexed with compliance software. Trading firms have sophisticated trade surveillance systems. Call centers can monitor the performance of their staff using sophisticated metrics around call time and sales conversions. But these are concentrating on numerical data, feeding vast amounts of structured data into sophisticated computer models.

Intelligent Voice allows you to do so much more with your data with forward thinking compliance management system for voice.

A Forward Thinking Compliance Management System from Intelligent Voice

Using just voice data, you can track what people are saying using our compliance management system, Complexus. Combined with our speech recognition software it will detect unusual phrase patterns and display them in a visual form, allowing you to "trend" what is happening across your user base. This can be combined with non-voice data such as e-mail and IM, to allow holistic tracking across all media. If you find a phrase that is interesting or relevant, our unique JumpTo technology takes you to the very place in a conversation it is said. Try out the demo on the home page.

IV speech recognition software features advanced emotion analysis and foreign language tracking tools to enable you to extend your monitoring capabilities.

Dodd-Frank White PaperDownload our White Paper "Beyond Dodd Frank"


  • Multi-channel voice retrieval
  • Keyword and phrase search
  • Trending analysis
  • Visual Search
  • Cross-media analysis
  • Emotion tracking
  • Multi-language translation

Symantec Enterprise Vault

IV can use your existing Symantec Enterprise Vault installation to store voice recordings as they are made, allowing you to keep all enterprise data in one place, with the benefit or text search across your data.

IV can also retrieve existing e-mail and IM data from Enterprise Vault to supplement the real-time voice analysis.

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